20 College Graduation Gifts

Here are graduation gift suggestions that are more expensive and more relevant to those looking to buy a graduation gift for a loved one. We call these our "Help the Economy and Help a Grad" graduation gifts.

First, our "Help the Economy" graduation gift suggestions.

Graduation Gift Idea #13:
Handheld Video Camcorder

Flip video cameras are trendy right now and make an ideal college graduation gift. 

Graduation Gift Idea #14:

What college graduate wouldn’t love a car? Being from Michigan originally, I have to suggest you purchase a new or used car made right here in the USA. Search for cars online; they make a great graduation gift! You can even find some great dealerships on Twitter.

Graduation Gift Idea #15:
Laptop Computer

If your college graduate doesn’t already have one, a laptop is a wonderful graduation gift. We’ll let you sort out the Mac vs. PC debate.