20 College Graduation Gifts

IHere are some graduation gift suggestions that are a little more expensive, but still easy to take to the actual ceremony or graduation party.

Graduation Gift #6:

Earrings, necklaces, anklets and rings make fantastic graduation gifts for ladies. Often these graduation gifts become cherished keepsakes.

Graduation Gift #7:

College graduates have many memories from their days on campus, but the most memorable moments are still to come. Cameras are a thoughtful and much appreciated graduation gift.

Graduation Gift #8:
International Student Identity Card

While not expensive, it will take some time to obtain. If you have a college graduate who loves to travel, why not make plans to take the grad to lunch and then to the local ISIC office to apply for their International Student Identity Card? This card provides discounts and assistance in many countries around the world. You can visit the International Student Travel Confederation web site for more information.

Graduation Gift #9:

The new iPads arrived a few months ago. If your college graduate doesn't already have one, they want one! This is a phenomenal graduation gift. A gift card from the Apple store is a good way to go too if you don't want to spring for the whole iPad.

Graduation Gift #10:

College grads who won’t be receiving a phone as part of their new job will love this graduation gift. If you're not a fan of iPhones, both the Blackberry Curve and Bold phones make great graduation gifts too!