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Search for Companies by Industry: Tutorial and Tool

Use the drop down menu to select an industry you're interested in. The results will give you a list of all the companies that hire college grads. We've even linked each company to their career page so you can start reading all about what types of college grads they hire. Keep in mind that no matter what your degree is in, or what you majored in, different industries have all types of positions.

For example, hospitals need accountants. So, if you're an accounting major, don't overlook the healthcare industry. If you majored in English or Liberal Arts, you are probably really well-rounded and would make a great account manager (a great entry-level poistion in a wide variety of industries such as logistics, internet advertising, or brand marketing). So, keep an open mind as you review the list of industries.

NOTE: If you find a broken link, please contact us. Many companies change their pages frequently and we'd like to keep our list as updated as possible. If you do encounter a broken link, simply go to that company's home page and search for the careers link.